"Tribute to the Chief" Colorized $2 Tribute

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“Tribute to the Chief” Colorized $2 Bill

     The 1899 “Chief” $5 Silver Certificate is one of the most uniquely American currency designs ever issued by our Government. These bills feature a portrait of Chief Running Antelope of the Lakota Indians, the first and only time a Native American has appeared as the central motif on our currency. A one-year only issue, original notes are a favorite with collectors – when they can find them. Now, thanks to National Collector’s Mint, you have the opportunity to add this historic design to your collection for a fraction of the cost of an original. Through a revolutionary transformative process, we’ve transferred the major design elements of this classic note to a brand new United States $2 Bill taken direct from a sealed Federal reserve pack, creating a one-of-a-kind collectible sure to become a highlight of your collection! Order today!

Actual size is 6.14” x 2.61”

(Limit: 5)

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