24KT Indian Chief Tribute Note

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24KT "Indian Chief" Note Tribute

The 1899 “Chief” $5 Silver Certificate is one of the most uniquely American currency designs ever issued by our Government.  These bills feature a portrait of Chief Running Antelope of the Lakota Indians, the first and only time a Native American has appeared as the central motive on our currency.  A one-year only issue, original notes are a favorite with collectors – when they can find them.  Now you have the opportunity to appreciate our tribute to this historic design in 24KT GOLD!  Originally created for use in advanced technology, the process of Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, makes this unique collectible possible.  In a precision-controlled chamber, 1000 mgs of 24KT gold is transformed into a vapor, then back into a metal as it is finely layered on a carrier.  Then, a state-of-the-art process is used to add the brilliant, full color design to the 24KT gold obverse layer.  The result is a unique pure gold collectible, sure to become a highlight of your collection.  Don’t wait, order now!

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