2024 Buffalo Tribute Proof

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2024 Buffalo Tribute Proof

     What will soon be the hottest coin on the market?  Without a doubt it is the 2024 edition of the $50 Gold Buffalo coin, the very first coin type issued by the U.S. Government to contain a full ounce of .9999 Pure Gold.  The coin features a design that is based on the original 1913 Buffalo nickel.  A Native American profile appears on the reverse, and an American buffalo appears on the obverse.  Now, the National Collector’s Mint has released its own privately minted 2024 $50 Buffalo Tribute Proof, which recreates the intricate details of this popular design and is clad in 14 mg of 24 KT Gold.  One look at this shimmering non-monetary Proof and you’ll realize why the new $50 Buffalo is so popular.  Get yours now!
                             Price was to be set at $50.00

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Actual size is 39 mm

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