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Wild West Collectibles

  • American Bison colorized $2 Bill

    American Bison colorized $2 Bill

    Full Color Bison Tribute $2 Bill The 1901 Bison Note is one of the most uniquely American currency designs ever issued by our Government.  An essential reminder of our frontier past, these bills feature a prominent image of an American Bison in the...

  • SALE
    Item name is 2022 .9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo Coin. Date is 2022. Item size is 34 millimeter diameter. Item weight and composition is 200 milligrams of .9999 pure gold. Item shape is round. Mint Mark is N/A. Design elements on obverse are Indian head with date and Cook Islands imprimatur. Design elements on reverse are Buffalo with A tribute to the United States legend, Liberty and denomination. The item's condition is Uncirculated. The item's color is metallic.

    2022 .9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo Coin

    .9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo Coin for just $49.95! When the $50 Buffalo Gold coin was first struck in 2006, it became the first U.S. coin ever minted in .9999 – that’s 4 nines – pure gold.  At the time, the Government had planned to...

    MSRP: $49.95
    Was: $49.95
    Now: $44.95
  • "Americana" Crisp Uncirculated $2 Bill

    "Americana" Crisp Uncirculated $2 Bill

    The Most Unique Images Ever on U.S. Currency together on a Spectacular $2 Bill! Of all the banknotes ever issued by the U.S. government, three are among the most sought after. Each of the three has a dramatic image on the front that shouts, “I am...

  • Dummy Cartridges

    Dummy Cartridges

    Add some authenticity to your Western replica firearm collection with these dummy shells.  They are non-firing cartridge replicas that fit any of our “22” (see the item number) series western rifle tributes.  (Limit: 1)

  • Bag Of Indian Head Pennies

    Bag Of Indian Head Pennies

    Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, you might occasionally have seen an Indian Head penny floating around in your change. No more. Smart collectors have gobbled up these coins, which have risen in value greatly even in circulated grades. This...