2024 Giant Quarter Pound Morgan Dollar Tribute Proof

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2024 Giant Quarter-Pound .9999 Pure Silver Morgan Dollar Tribute Proof

     Coin lovers and silver enthusiasts alike flock to add Silver Eagle Dollars to their holdings – but what about the most revered coin design in history, the Morgan Silver Dollar?  Coveted by investors and collectors alike, Morgans are legendary for their artistic design, old west history, and fine silver content.  At NCM, we’ve found a way to honor the Morgan Silver Dollar that makes this classic design even better!

     Announcing the 2024 minting of our massive, 2-1/2 inch diameter Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof.  It dwarfs every Morgan Dollar ever struck, with one quarter-pound troy of precious silver bullion, every ounce 99.99% pure.  That’s a silver purity never available from the U.S. Gov’t!

     Remember, while no one can predict the future, the fact is that silver prices have jumped over 400% in the last twenty years.  That’s more than 23% faster than the Dow Jones average, even considering a record-breaking bull market during that period.  But purchases of silver coins and bars have risen even faster, with demand climbing almost 800%!  While rising prices of precious metals could make these colossal, 99.99% Pure Silver proofs more valuable, each of these shining examples of the engraver’s art is a true investment in our American heritage.

     These privately minted, non-monetary masterpieces of medallic art are sure to go quickly during this release, so don’t delay.  Order yours now!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 2-1/2" diameter

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