Giant Mercury Dime Tribute

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Giant Mercury Dime Tribute

     National Collector’s Mint announces a special tribute to the vanishing U.S. 1916-D Mercury Silver Dimes. First issued in 1916, these increasingly rare coins are seemingly named for the Roman messenger of the gods. But the image is actually of Lady Liberty wearing a cap with the wings of Mercury. Designer Adolph Weinman gave Liberty the winged cap to symbolize “freedom or liberty of thought.” On the back, the bundle of sticks represents unity.

     To honor this iconic vanishing coin we introduce our giant tribute to the 1916-D Mercury dime. We’ve taken the original design and recreated it in a giant-sized, pure silver proof – so you can enjoy the original iconic design in giant silver glory. The magnificent original was painstakingly recreated, then minted in a massive 2-1/2 inch diameter Tribute Proof that dwarfs the original size, with one quarter-pound troy of precious silver bullion, 99.99% pure, purity never available from the U.S. Government. These privately minted, non-monetary masterpieces of historic art are sure to go quickly after this release. So don’t delay. Order yours now!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 2-1/2" diameter

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