Giant 1917 Standing Liberty Tribute Proof

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The Immoral Standing Liberty Quarter Lives again
with our giant silver tribute to this “last year of issue”

     The Standing Liberty Quarter has the distinction of being the shortest American quarter series of the 20th century, issued from 1916-1930. It was designed during the Renaissance of American Coinage, when President Roosevelt asked for new coin designs “that would reflect the glory of the greatest nation on earth.” There were actually two obverse designs, a Type 1 minted in 1916 and 1917, and a Type 2 minted from 1917-1930. Why were there two designs? It seems the original was just a little too hot for the public to handle. Originally, Miss Liberty is standing in a gateway, wearing a gown with her right breast exposed, which caused quite an uproar. In fact, the "Society for the Suppression of Vice" tried to pressure the Treasury to stop minting this “immoral” coin and recall all the ones already in circulation. While the recall did not happen, the government caved in to the pressure in 1917 and changed the design, covering her chest with chainmail, and creating an instant collectible issue! To honor this iconic “last year of issue” comes our 1917 Standing Liberty Tribute Proof. We’ve taken this original design and done it one better – recreating it in a giant-sized, pure silver proof – allowing MacNeil’s Liberty design to live on in giant silver splendor. The magnificent original design has been painstakingly recreated then minted in a massive 2-1/2 inch diameter Tribute Proof that dwarfs the original coin, with one quarter-pound troy of precious silver bullion, every ounce of it 99.99% pure – a purity never available from the U.S. Government. These privately minted, non-monetary masterpieces of medallic art are sure to go quickly during this release, so don’t delay. Order yours now!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 2-1/2" diameter

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