175th Anniversary $20 Gold Liberty Tribute Proof

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A spectacular 175th Anniversary striking...

The First U.S. "Gold Rush" $20 Gold Piece

recreated as a Pure 24KT Gold Clad Proof

   Announcing the private minting of the 175th Anniversary $20 Gold Liberty Tribute Proof, saluting the very first $20 Gold Piece ever minted by the U.S. Government. In fact, that rare $20 Liberty Gold coin is the ONLY $20 GOLD COIN EVER TO BEAR THE DATE 1849, the year of the famous California Gold Rush! So, our private non-monetary proof minting is a true collectible milestone!

   For decades, U.S. gold coin denominations did not exceed $10 due to modest demand and limited domestic gold supplies. Then, the California Gold Rush began and made gold supplies plentiful. So, in February 1849, Congress authorized the striking of $20 gold coins, featuring the bust of Lady Liberty. The first two $20 Liberty Gold pieces were struck – the ONLY ones ever to bear the date of 1849. Now, 175 years later, only one, single, 1849 $20 Liberty Gold Piece survives as a gleaming reminder of America’s Gold Rush.

   Now, you can reserve your own $20 Gold Liberty Tribute Proof. It’s the first U.S. $20 Liberty Gold Piece recreated as a 14 mg 24 KT Pure Gold Clad Proof, with Liberty engraved in frosted relief on a mirror-like background on the obverse, and the magnificent heraldic American Eagle in frosted relief on the reverse. Under the sculpted bust of Lady Liberty shimmers the double date of 1849-2024, as she gazes at the special 175th Anniversary privy mark. Destined to be a centerpiece of your collection. 

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 39 mm

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