1899 $2 Silver Certificate Tribute

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1899 $2 Silver Certificate Tribute

   Over a century ago, it took eight U.S. Government engravers to create the extremely intricate design of the eye-catching large-size 1899 $2 bill. It’s the last $2 Silver Certificate (a $2 bill backed by the government’s Gold or Silver reserves) issued by the U.S. government. It’s the only $2 bill ever to feature George Washington’s portrait. And, it’s the last $2 bill to utilize classical symbols in its design. The two artistic vignettes surrounding George Washington represent “Mechanics” and “Agriculture,” the two cornerstones of the American economy over a century ago. Well-worn, circulated examples of the original could cost you several hundred dollars. Now, you can acquire a modern tribute to this classic design. Through a revolutionary process, the major design elements of this classic Silver Certificate are transferred to an actual legal tender, U.S. $2 bill, creating a one-of-a-kind collectible sure to become a highlight of your collection! Comes with a deluxe folio and Certificate of Authenticity. Don’t delay, order today!

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