.9999 Pure Gold Baseball $1 Coin

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Honoring America’s Pastime in Pure 24 Karat Gold

     It’s a sport that’s loved by millions, ever since the first official game was played on June 19, 1846. Whether it’s Tee-Ball, Little League, Triple-A or the Majors, Americans love baseball and it shows. That’s why we’re bringing you a most appropriate coin for the season. It’s the solid .5 gm .9999 (that’s 99.99%) Pure Gold Baseball Coin!

     This non-circulating legal tender pure gold masterpiece is a unique “shaped” $1 coin that reproduces in great detail all the qualities of a good old American baseball, right down to the laces. Minted using the most modern technology available, you’ll marvel at the detail of the design and the attractive satin finish on the obverse, while on the reverse you’ll see the Palau imprimatur authorizing this special striking. Limited to only 15,000 pieces worldwide, it makes a fantastic gift for the Baseball lover in your life, or your perfect golden talisman when rooting for your own home team! Secure yours now while supplies last!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is about 13.92 mm in diameter

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