2024 .9999 Pure Gold $25 Buffalo Coin

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     New Release!  Announcing the 2024 Pure Gold Buffalo $25 Coin!  This new 2024 minting is struck in .9999 - that's four 9's - pure gold! With 6 times as much gold as our $5 denomination, it repeats the classic design, with the rendering of the iconic American Buffalo on one side, and the noble American Indian brave the other side, along with the 2024 date, Cook Islands imprimatur, and most important, the $25 denomination! Plus it's a full 58 millimeters wide, over 75% bigger than our original $5 piece.  And we've used breakthrough ultra-thin minting technology to create this masterpiece. You will really see all the finest details of this design in this large size.  But the best thing about it is the price. Each of these limited edition, 2024 .9999 pure gold $25 coins is just $179 complete. So you're getting 6 times as much .9999 pure gold as in our $5 denomination, but you're paying a lot less than 6 times the price. Each one comes fully encapsulated and in a deluxe case suitable for protection and display, and of course, you'll receive our Certificate of Authenticity verifying its legal tender status and gold purity and content. Get yours while they last!  Limit: 5 coins per order

(Limit: 5)

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