2024 .9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo Coin

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.9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo Coin
for just $49.95!

     When the $50 Buffalo Gold coin was first struck in 2006, it became the first U.S. coin ever minted in .9999 – that’s 4 nines – pure gold.  At the time, the Government had planned to also strike the Gold Buffalo in $5, $10 and $25 denominations, but did so only once in 2008.  The problem with those coins was their small sizes.  The $5 Gold Buffalo was a mere 16.5 mm in diameter, making it less desirable than the big $50 coins.  Now, 18 years later, you have the chance to own a brand new Pure Gold Buffalo coin in the same, large 32.7 mm diameter as the first Gold Buffalo for a fraction of the price of the original.  It’s the Cook Islands .9999 Pure Gold $5 Buffalo coin!  

     Faithful to the original in its detail, you’ll see the great American Buffalo standing proudly on the obverse, and the Native American profile along with the Cook Islands imprimatur on the reverse, with the brand new 2024 date.  Struck from a full 200 mg of .9999 Pure Gold, new ultra-thin minting technology brings you this first ever full-diameter, ultra-pure gold Buffalo coin for a price that’s oh-so-affordable – specially priced at only $49.95!  Don’t miss out.  Order yours now!  

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 32.7 mm

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