.9999 Pure Gold 2024 Saint Gaudens $5 Coin

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.9999 Pure Gold Saint Gaudens $5 Coin, now just $49.95!

     When the original $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin was first struck in 1907, it was hailed as the most beautiful coin ever produced by the U.S. Government.  Unfortunately, this magnificent rendering of Lady Liberty as she strides toward the dawn of a new day could be found ONLY on a $20 gold coin – a denomination that was out of reach for all but the most wealthy individuals.  And any hope that smaller denomination “Saints” would be minted died when, in 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt recalled all circulating gold coins, and made them illegal to own.    

     Now, you have the chance to acquire a brand new Pure Gold Saint Gaudens coin in the same, large 34 mm diameter as the first Saint Gaudens for a fraction of the price of the original.  It’s the Cook Islands .9999 Pure Gold 2024 Saint Gaudens $5 coin!

     Faithful to the original in its detail, you’ll see the elegant figure of Lady Liberty holding her torch of enlightenment beside the important Roman numeral date of MMXXIV (2024).  The reverse features the flying American Eagle along with $5 denomination and the Cook Islands imprimatur.  Struck from a full 200 mg of .9999 Pure Gold, new ultra-thin minting technology makes this first ever full-diameter, ultra-pure $5 Gold “Saint” possible for a price that’s oh-so-affordable – specially priced at only $49.95!  We expect huge demand for this 2024 issue, so order yours now!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 34 mm

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