.9999 Pure Gold "Liberty Taming the West" $5 Coin

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.9999 Pure Gold “Liberty Taming the West” $5 Coin
This 2023 pure gold striking can be yours for just $49.95!

   History was made when the United States government released its brand-new American Liberty gold coin.  Bucking tradition, the coin featured a wild American Mustang set against the background of a rising sun, a notable change from past issues which featured a rendition of Lady Liberty.  Minted in one troy ounce of pure gold, you could expect to pay well over $2000 for one.

   Inspired by this historic release, the National Collector’s Mint and the Cook Islands are releasing their very first non-circulating legal tender “Liberty Taming the West” $5 Pure Gold coin.  Struck from a full 200 mg of .9999 Pure Gold, new ultra-thin minting technology brings you this first ever full-diameter, ultra-pure gold Western Liberty coin for a price that’s oh-so-affordable – only $49.95!  On the obverse, Lady Liberty rides a wild Mustang against the backdrop of the western plains.  The horse - wild and untrained - rears back on its hind legs, as Liberty sits astride it to tame it.  The reverse features the Cook Islands imprimatur along with the .9999 gold purity and denomination.  Comes encapsulated to preserve it with Certificate of Authenticity.

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NOTE: Used to be Item # 100240

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