.9999 Pure Gold $5 Snowflake Coin

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The Perfect, Pure Gold Snowflake $5 Coin

   It is believed that every falling snowflake has its own distinctive perfectly symmetrical shape. Now, masters of the coiner’s art have captured the beauty of one unique snowflake in this Cook Islands pure gold $5 coin.  Each coin is six-sided, and recreates the meticulous detail of an icey, crystalline snowflake, all in .5 gms of .9999 – that’s four nines – pure 24 KT gold.

   Each non-circulating legal tender coin bears the $5 denomination and the Cook Islands imprimatur on the reverse, while the obverse glimmers with the pristine crystalline branches of a real snowflake.  Each of these uniquely shaped snowflake coins measures 13.92 mm in diameter, and makes a fabulous addition to any collection. Only 15,000 minted worldwide. Get it now before it is sold out!

(Limit: 5)

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