Secretariat's Triple Crown Victory $2 Bill

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NCM Salutes the 50th Anniversary of

Secretariat’s Triple Crown Victory $2 Bill

50 Years Later, “Big Red” is still the Greatest of All Time

  Were you lucky enough to see Secretariat win his Triple Crown victory back in 1973?  If so, you’ll remember seeing one of the greatest racehorses of all time at the peak of his glory.  He became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years and his record-breaking victory in the Belmont Stakes, which he won by 31 lengths, is widely regarded as one of the greatest races in history.


   On March 30, 1970, at 12:10 a.m. at the Meadow Stud in Caroline County, Virginia, Secretariat was born, a bright-red chestnut colt with three white socks and a star with a narrow stripe on his nose.  Known affectionately as “Big Red,” Secretariat grew into a massive, powerful horse, standing 16.2 hands (66 inches, 168 cm) when fully grown. He was noted for being exceptionally well-balanced, and was described as having "nearly perfect" conformation and stride biomechanics. His chest was so large that he required a custom-made girth, and he was noted for his large, powerful, well-muscled hindquarters. An Australian trainer said of him, "He is incredible, an absolutely perfect horse. I never saw anything like him."  It’s said that when his owner, Penny Chenery, first saw him, she made a one-word entry in her notebook – “WOW!”


   Secretariat proved his admirers right by becoming back-to-back Horse of the Year in 1972 and 1973, a nearly unheard of feat. In the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Big Red came from last place to win in a track time of under two minutes, a record that still stands. In the Preakness, he leapt into the lead on the first turn and was never challenged for the rest of the race.  In the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, Secretariat ran a race most consider the greatest performance of the century by a North American racehorse.  


  50 years later, you can cheer Big Red once again with the new Secretariat Triple Crown Victory $2 Bill.  Each U.S. legal tender two-dollar bill originates from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.  Then the bill is privately enhanced through a special colorization process, bringing to life the eternal image of Big Red barreling down the track at Belmont as his jockey, Ron Turcotte, peers back at the distant competition, alongside a full-color image of #2 on his way to the Winner’s Circle.  Even the “2” dollar denomination on this bill is wearing Secretariat’s colors! But these super-collectible bills are sure to go quickly, so don’t wait.  Order yours now!

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