Trump Presidential $2 Bill

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Trump Presidential $2 Bill

The last Presidential election may have been the most controversial ever, fitting for a President that has been one of the most unusual in our nation’s history. But for many in this country, Trump is and will always be their President. Now, this Trump Presidential $2 Bill honors him and his historic journey as our 45th leader, and possibly our 47th as well! Each of these $2 bills is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition and comes directly from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs. Then through a special colorization process, each Genuine Legal Tender $2 Bill is enhanced by us right on the face, with images of President Trump onstage, his fervent supporters in the background, his Presidential Portrait, and a wave to the crowd at one of his famous rallies.  Emblazoned across the bill are the words, “STILL MY PRESIDENT”, the sentiment of millions of Trump supporters across the country.  No matter your political view, we’re sure you’ll agree this magnificent collectible is YUGE!  Each comes complete with a deluxe display portfolio with Certificate of Authenticity.  Don’t wait, this may be a final opportunity to own a magnificent Trump collectible … until 2024!

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