Trump "Save America" $2 Bill

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Trump "SAVE AMERICA" $2 Bill

God-given rights of freedom of faith and thought, equal rights under the law, free speech and fair trade, energy independence… these were just some of the Trump administration’s positions. Now, with the current administration’s blunders potentially giving rise to runaway inflation, bloated consumer and energy prices, massive spending, and irresponsible actions abroad, many citizens are looking for answers.  Emblazoned by NCM on this special U.S. legal tender $2 bill is Trump’s inspirational message.  SAVE AMERICA by ensuring that we always keep America First, take pride in our country, teach the truth about our history, and respect our American Flag.  Each of these bills is in FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED condition, and comes directly from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.  Then through our special colorization process, the inspiring image of President Trump, his signature and his message appears front and center on each bill.  What an inspiring and meaningful collectible!  Comes in a deluxe display folder with Certificate of Authenticity.

(Limit: 5)

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