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"Mount Trumpmore" $2 Bill — Like Mt. Rushmore, only better!

On July 4th, 2020, President Trump stirred up controversy when he visited Mount Rushmore bringing with him a traditional Fourth-of-July fireworks presentation, which had been banned from the memorial for over a decade. Trump’s visit was so popular that South Dakota Governor Kristy Noem decided to commemorate it in a special way – with a sculpture from local artists, that added Trump’s image to the four Presidential images on Mount Rushmore. Three sculptures were created, and one was gifted to the 45th President when he visited the memorial.

Now, that sculpture is depicted in full color on our new Mount Trumpmore $2 Bill! This image is identical to the sculpture that was given to the President, but we’ve made a good thing even better by adding stirring patriotic images, like those of President and Mrs. Trump at the memorial. Each legal tender two-dollar bill originates from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs. Then the bill is enhanced by us using a state-of-the-art colorization process that brings you this inspiring vision of what we like to call “Mount Trumpmore.” We think President Trump would approve. Protected by our unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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