First Three Years of Silver Eagle Dollars

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The date was October 29, 1986.  During a special ceremony at the U.S. Mint Assay office in San Francisco, Secretary of the Treasury James Baker reaches for the start button on coin press #105.  As he’s doing this, he turns to the audience and remarks, “I don’t need a pick and shovel to start the San Francisco Silver Rush of 1986.”  Seconds later, the very first Silver Eagle Dollar is coined, and history is made.  The early mintages were small – compare 1986’s mintage of 5.39 million coins to 2015’s record of over 47 million – so you can see why these issues are so popular.  Now you can add the first three years of this historic Silver Dollar to your collection, 1986-1988, in premium Brilliant Uncirculated condition for a fraction of our individual prices!

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