America's FIRST "Silver Eagle" Dollar

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America’s FIRST “Silver Eagle” Dollar
You’ll Remember the Alamo when you see these massive silver coins!

   Did you know that, until 1836, the land we now call Texas was part of Mexico, and before that, a Spanish colony?  In the early 1800’s Spain was desperately trying to hold onto its colonies in Texas, but in 1821, Mexico finally won independence from Spain.  As part of the deal, Texas officially became a part of Mexico, and Mexican silver dollars circulated there as everyday coinage.  Struck from 27 gm of .903 Pure Silver, they were the biggest, purest coins on the continent.  The Texans named the big, 38 mm diameter silver dollars “Eagles” because of the prominent Mexican Eagle on the reverse of the coin.

   There was only one problem.  During the time it was a Spanish colony, Texas had been settled by an enormous number of “Anglos” – white English speaking Americans -- and they outnumbered Mexicans by 4 to 1.  As the Mexican government became more oppressive, the scene was set for revolution.  And the most pivotal event of that revolution was the Battle of the Alamo.  The revolution was ultimately won by the Texans in 1836 and Texas became the independent Republic of Texas, and then the State of Texas.  But the Texans brought their big, “Silver Eagle” dollars with them into statehood, and the coins remained United States legal tender until 1857.

   Did some of the coins in this release jingle in the pockets of James Bowie and Davy Crockett as they prepared to battle Santa Ana’s troops?  We’ll never know for sure.  What is certain is that this is a piece of Old West history you shouldn’t be without.  Supplies are limited, so order yours today!

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