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Constantine the Great Ancient Roman Coin

   Constantine the Great ruled from 306AD until his death in 337 AD, during which time he was a pivotal figure in the acceptance and promotion of Christianity. He was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity, transitioning it to the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. He ordered The Church of the Holy Sepulcher to be built on the site of Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem, a site that would become the holiest place in Christendom. Most importantly, he ended the persecution of Christians within the Empire and decriminalized Christian worship. Through our contacts in the coin industry, we can offer you the opportunity to own a genuine Roman bronze coin minted during the reign of Constantine the Great in VF condition for just $69! Imagine owning one of these coins, and think about the history it must have been a part of. Did it pay the wages of a Roman soldier? Was it donated to one of the early Christian churches? Or did Constantine himself have it in his pocket? No one can know for certain, but what is certain is that it is a genuine coin of the Empire, over 1600 years old and guaranteed authentic by NGC, one of the premier third party authentication services in the world. Don’t delay, order today!

Coins vary between 15 mm and 21 mm in diameter

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