1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar (VF-EF)

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Denver Mint Morgan Silver Dollars

     The Denver Mint went into service in 1904 to serve the growing population in the southwest, just as the Morgan Silver Dollar was being retired for 17 years.  Fortunately Morgans were struck once more in 1921, giving us one, and only one, Morgan date to be minted at the Denver Mint.

     Here’s a fun fact to know about the Denver Mint:  Did you know that what was probably the largest gold bullion shipment in the history of the world went to the Denver Mint? As World War II was on the verge of erupting, the Government decided it was too risky to keep the nation’s gold so close to the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco, so they MAILED all the gold from the San Francisco Mint to the Denver Mint.  The $2.5 billion shipment arrived safely, and the Postal Service collected postage on it of $547,695!  Fortunately your Very Fine to Extremely Fine Denver Mint Morgan will be much more affordable than that.  Order today!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 38.1 mm

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