1921 Morgan Silver Dollar PDS Set with Free Display Case

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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar PDS Set with FREE display case

Complete ALL-MINT Set of some of
The Last Morgan Silver Dollars Ever Struck!

     Today history is being made! National Collector’s Mint announces a special release of the complete, last year all-mint set of 1921 Morgans. These are among the VERY LAST Morgans ever produced by the U.S. Government and will NEVER be minted again.
     Many collectors strive to acquire final-year coins, but now you can own all 3 of the official Morgans produced by each U.S. branch mint that struck them one last time in 1921 – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco – and then never again!
     Amazingly, these .900 Pure Silver coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated to Extremely Fine condition.
     Despite their historical significance, many of these final-year Morgans were forever lost in the major silver meltdowns of the 20th century. Clearly, this alone increases the value of surviving Morgans to collectors. There is also steady pressure for appreciation in their precious silver content.  Each Morgan Silver Dollar contains .77344 oz. of Pure Silver.  Silver prices have jumped over 400% in the last twenty years.  That’s more than 23% faster than the Dow Jones average, even considering a record-breaking bull market during that period.  But purchases of silver coins and bars have risen even faster, with demand climbing almost 800%!
     During this limited release, you can acquire these 1921 PDS sets, in Brilliant Uncirculated to Extremely Fine condition, even 100 years after they were first struck and bagged by the U.S. Government. Plus you receive a FREE display case and each set arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the composition, weight, and condition of each coin.
     There is a strict limit of 5 sets per customer.  Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  So, don’t delay. Avoid disappointment and future regret.  ACT NOW!

(Limit: 5)

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