Brilliant Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

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Brilliant Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

The Last Morgan Silver Dollar Ever Struck for Circulation

Wildly popular with collectors and investors, the Morgan Silver Dollar is the most collected American Silver Dollar in history.  And with good reason.  Not only are they heavy with over three quarters of an ounce of pure silver, but their history spans from the Old West, through the rise of America as a superpower, to their swan song in the Roaring 20’s.  Now, over 100 years since the end of this iconic silver dollar, you have the opportunity to own a last-year-of-issue Morgan – in Uncirculated condition!  Over a century ago these magnificent coins rolled off the Government’s presses … and now you can have them in your hands as if it were yesterday.  But please don’t delay.  As the hype of this momentous Anniversary spreads in the collecting world, we’re expecting these coins to become much more difficult to acquire, especially in desirable Uncirculated condition. Don’t wait, order today!

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