Chisholm Trail Full-Color $2 Bill

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Chisholm Trail Full-Color $2 Bill

     The year was 1866, and the great cattle-ranching state of Texas was in crisis. The Civil War had cut off access to the cattle markets in the north and east, resulting in overpopulation of the longhorn herds. Cattle in Texas were worth only $4 per head, compared to $40 in the more lucrative market in Kansas. Enter Jesse Chisholm, a Cherokee merchant. He decided to use old Indian hunting and raiding trails to drive cattle to Kansas from Texas. Dubbed “The Chisholm Trail,” the route became so popular that an estimated 5,000,000 head of Texas cattle would ultimately reach Kansas on it in less than a decade, creating the economic upturn that put the state of Texas on the map. To honor this piece of uniquely American history, we’ve enhanced these FRESH, CRISP, UNCIRCULATED U.S. $2 bills (direct from sealed Federal Reserve packs) with a stirring image of a Longhorn cattle drive – the same one that commemorates the Fort Worth segment of the Chisholm Trail. You’ll also see other symbols of the cattle-driving cowboy life, along with the important double date of 1866 to 1875. Each bill is a magnificent Old West piece of memorabilia and comes with historical monograph. Get yours today!

Actual size is 6.14” x 2.61”

(Limit: 5)

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