Fourth of July $2 Bill in Full-Color

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   Our Fourth of July holiday is a day of celebration marked by patriotism and national pride.  But did you know that the Fourth of July wasn’t even a national holiday until 1870?  In the years following the declaration, all sorts of celebrations ensued – dinners were held, gun salutes were fired, music and even prayer events were organized.

   Now, NCM has taken a U.S. legal tender $2 bill and enhanced it with a full-color vignette honoring our Fourth of July.  On one side, we see the traditional fireworks exploding over Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the place where the Declaration of Independence was adopted.  On the other side is the Statue of Liberty against the backdrop of the fireworks display in New York harbor.  A brilliant full-color American flag bridges the two sides above the legend “FREEDOM AND LIBERTY”, ideals we Americans hold so dear.

   Each $2 Bill has been directly removed from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs, and preserved in a handsome folio to maintain its fresh, Crisp Uncirculated condition.  Get yours today and make it the proud centerpiece of your next Fourth of July celebration!

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