The Royal Succession Full Color $2 Bill

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The Royal Succession Full Color $2 Bill

   The death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, 2022 rocked the world.  For many, she was the only British monarch they had ever known.  But what most people don’t realize is that Queen Elizabeth II’s face appeared on more coins and currency than any other person in history.  Will the same be able to be said of her successor, King Charles III?  It’s unlikely, but what is certain is that it’s entirely appropriate that this historic transition is honored in a very special piece of currency.  Introducing the Royal Succession Full Color $2 Bill, a U.S. legal tender $2 bill that’s been enhanced by us in full color featuring images of the Queen’s and the Prince of Wales before her death, as well as the newly ascended King, showing the first change in British monarchs in over 70 years.  Each of these legal tender two-dollar bills is taken from freshly wrapped, Federal Reserve sealed packs, then enhanced by us using a state-of-the-art colorization process to bring you all the majesty of the royal succession.  Hurry, enthrone this singular piece of currency in your collection today!

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