Mask of King Tutankhamun SI Half Dollar Coin

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The Majestic 24 KT Gold & Digital Black
Mask of King Tutankhamun Coin

   A century ago, an incredible discovery was made in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Although many did not believe it existed, the tomb of King Tutankhamun was unearthed by archaeologist Howard Carter. The grandeur of the contents were far beyond Carter’s expectations, describing his first vision of the find with the words, “gold—everywhere the glint of gold.” Now, you can acquire a new coin honoring this ancient treasure and the famous gold death mask of its owner, King Tut, that was found in the tomb. To achieve a brilliant shiny background, the coin is minted, then treated with a black digital finish then enhanced with pure, precious 24 karat gold. You’ll marvel at the King’s golden death mask flanked by the scarab privy mark and traditional hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt. Larger than a silver dollar at 45 mm, this non-circulating legal tender celebration of the ancient world from the Solomon Islands presents one of the final images of Queen Elizabeth on the reverse, also beautifully highlighted in pure 24 karat gold along with the date and the half dollar denomination. A “must have” for anyone who likes unique coins at affordable prices, limited to 30,000 pieces worldwide. Don’t wait, order yours now!

Actual size is 45 mm

(Limit: 5)

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