Three Coin Franklin Half Dollar Mint Mark Set BU

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   A perfect way to start or add to your collection of Franklin Half Dollars is our three-coin Mint Mark Set.  With it you’ll get not only every mint that struck Franklin Half Dollars, that’s San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia. PLUS, we’ll make sure you get no duplication of dates in this set!  Each coin will be in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and will come encapsulated for protection,  just as you would expect with coins of this quality. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.


The Franklin Half Dollar: The First and Last of a Kind

   When the U.S. government decided to memorialize Benjamin Franklin on a new coin, their decision was understandable.  After all, he played an indispensable role in helping the colonies gain their independence by securing aid from France.  He was also rightly renowned as a printer, publisher, author, inventor and scientist.
   It is only fitting that the coin that honors him should be one of a kind.  And the Franklin Half Dollar is just such a coin.  Its production marked the end of the presence of symbolic figures, like Lady Liberty, on U.S. coinage, and completed the conversion to portraits of actual Americans.  It was the only coin to feature a person who never served as president of the United States, until the introduction of the Susan B. Anthony dollar.  Most importantly, it was the last half dollar series ever to be minted in .900 solid silver.  This is a coin that belongs in the hands of every collector.  But this supply won’t last.  

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