Lincoln Memorial Commemorative $2 Bill

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Special 100th Anniversary Release

Lincoln Memorial Commemorative $2 Bill

Abraham Lincoln may be the President who is most dear in the hearts of all Americans.  As our 16th President, he ended slavery, and held our union together against all odds.  It’s no wonder that the memorial that honors him — the Lincoln Memorial — is among the largest and most prominent of all monuments in our capital.  Dedicated in May of 1922, it stands proudly in line with the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.

Now, a century later, National Collector’s Mint is releasing this brand-new Lincoln Memorial Commemorative $2 Bill.  On the front of each bill, the seated President Lincoln appears, flanked by the grand view of the memorial and our most beloved portrait of him with the words “Lincoln Memorial” along with the 100-year double date, 1922-2022. The words of the memorial dedication glimmer in the background: “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.”

Each legal tender two-dollar bill originates from untouched, wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs. Then the bill is enhanced by us using a state-of-the-art colorization process that brings the glory of America’s most meaningful memorial to life in a magnificent collectible.

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