2023 King Charles Britannia

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King Charles Britannia

This Collectible First is also a Super Silver Opportunity

   Here’s a rare chance to make a collectible coin acquisition that also scores big in precious metal – it’s the first ever King Charles Britannia.  The Britannia is the British equivalent of our own Silver Eagle, and boasts the same purity (.999) and weight (one troy ounce) of fine silver.  The difference is that, at the moment, we’ve been able to get a small hoard of new Britannias that we can offer at a better price than our Silver Eagles, just $44.95 each! Add the fact that these are the FIRST Britannias ever issued without Queen Elizabeth’s effigy – they feature King Charles instead – and you’ve got a seriously collectible issue.  Get it now while our supply at this price lasts!

(Limit: 5)

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