2023 "Flowing Hair" Silver Dollar

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2023 CI “Flowing Hair” Silver Dollar
Key Issue in the acclaimed “Visions of Liberty” Series

   Announcing the minting of the new 2023 “Flowing Hair” Dollar!  This member of the acclaimed Cook Islands’ “Visions of Liberty” coin series features a fresh view of a classic Lady Liberty reinterpreted for a modern era.  This one heralds the very first appearance ever of Lady Liberty on the very first 1794 U.S. Silver Dollar,  which depicted Lady Liberty as a young woman, unadorned, hair flowing freely, symbolizing the new nation formed just a few years before.  Today, you can acquire the new 2023 “Flowing Hair” Silver Dollar!  The obverse is graced by a confident, young Lady Liberty, hair freely flowing in the wind as she boldly faces the future draped in an American flag.  Surrounding her are 13 stars for the original 13 colonies.  Her crown features four points for the Four Freedoms she defends:  Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, and Freedom from fear, above the important 2023 date.  On the reverse is the traditional Liberty Bell, as well as the Cook Islands imprimatur, and $1 denomination.  Each non-circulating legal tender coin is struck in .25 troy ounces of .999 Pure Silver in collectors’ desired proof condition.  These brand new 2023 “Flowing Hair” Dollars are sure to go quickly, so don’t wait, order yours now!

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