2023 Frozen Marble Coin

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2023 Frozen Marble $5 Silver Coin
The latest release in the acclaimed Blue Marble coin series

   In 2020, the tiny island nation of Barbados made history with the release of the spherical “Blue Marble” coin.  Depicting Earth as it is seen from space, this groundbreaking issue took the coin world by storm earning it the coveted “Coin of the Year” Award for most innovative design.  It sold out almost immediately upon release.  It was so successful in fact, that it was decided to continue the series with new designs each year.  True to form, these subsequent releases have sold out and have collectors who missed out forced to try and find coins in the secondary market – if they are even available!  Now in its fourth year of release, we were lucky to secure a small allocation of the newest in the Blue Marble series ¬– the 2023 Frozen Marble – before they sold out.  This unique spherical coin depicts the earth during the Ice Age with an ice-blue enamel covering the vast oceans and seas contrasted against the pure silver continents.  Like those that came before it, this stunning edition is non-circulating legal tender minted in three ounces of .999 pure silver, is a massive 50mm in diameter and has a worldwide mintage of just 2,999 coins.  Comes complete with a deluxe display and Certificate of Authenticity.  Don’t miss out while we have some, order now!

(Limit: 5)

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