2021 Double Liberty Head Dollar

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This coin with "no tails" marks the 100th Anniversary of the

LAST Morgan Silver Dollar & FIRST Peace Silver Dollar

     There were two monumental events in the coin world a century ago in 1921. The very last Morgan Silver Dollar was struck, and the very first Peace Silver Dollar was struck. Those events marked one of the few times in history that two totally different designs of the same coin denomination were minted in the same year!

     Now 100 years later, both the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars have achieved legendary status in the collectible world. The Morgan Dollar has become the most collected U.S. one dollar silver coin ever, with the Peace Dollar standing alone as the last U.S. Silver Dollar ever to circulate. How better to celebrate than with a coin that features a beautiful Liberty head on both sides – the magnificent Morgan Liberty on one side, and the resplendent Peace Liberty Head on the other!

     Introducing the new Cook Islands 2021 Double Liberty Head Dollar. This groundbreaking design is clad in 71 mg of Pure Silver, and features the familiar profile of the Morgan Liberty Head on one side, and the Peace Liberty Head on the other. You read right -- it’s a real coin with no “tails” side! Morgan Miss Liberty appears next to the special “100 years” centennial privy mark and 1921-2021 double date on one side, while Peace Miss Liberty is seen with the Cook Islands imprimatur, and $1 denomination on the opposite side. What a collectible opportunity!

     Struck as a brilliant Proof specimen, this 2021 Double Liberty Head Dollar is larger than both U.S. Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars, and displays the highly prized frosted reliefs and mirror-like backgrounds so desired by collectors. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its non-circulating legal tender status and pure silver content. Protected by our unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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