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Sons of Liberty Dollar
Clad in 71 mg of .999 Pure Silver!

     History is being made once again! It’s the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, one of the most pivotal events in American history. But why was it so important to the birth of our nation? In the years preceding independence, England needed money to finance its occupying force of soldiers in the American colonies, and decided to get it by taxing the colonists without any form of their consent through a representative. Particularly hated was the Tea Act, which forced colonists to buy British-imported and TAXED tea, instead of other tea. Local merchants, businessmen and artisans rose up in opposition – among them Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams -- together known as the secret brotherhood of the Sons of Liberty. On the night of December 16, 1773, a group of them boarded British ships and dumped 92,000 pounds of British tea into Boston Harbor. And just like that, the seeds of a revolution had been planted, and the great American Experiment had begun.

     Now, National Collector’s Mint and Cook Islands are releasing their 250th Anniversary non-circulating legal tender Sons of Liberty Dollar, based on a design by Paul Revere himself that featured the figure of a stalwart arm, grasping a pole surmounted with a Cap of Liberty, and surrounded by the words, ‘Sons of Liberty.’ On the reverse was the emblem of the Liberty Tree, a Boston landmark where the Sons met to plan their resistance.

     Through this historic release, you can acquire your very own Sons of Liberty Dollar, honoring the medals said to be worn by Paul Revere, Sam Adams and other original American patriots. Each Cook Islands coin is 39 mm in diameter and clad in  .999 pure silver, and bears the One Dollar denomination, the Cook Islands imprimatur, and the 250-year double date, 1773-2023. Get yours now! Encapsulated for protection with Certificate of Authenticity and historical monograph.

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