The America United Silver Eagle Commemorative

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The America United Silver Eagle Commemorative

Over 20 years later, remembering the day that
the world stood still, and Americans stood united

Do you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing at 8:46 AM on September 11, 2001?

Few of us will ever forget that day of fear, destruction and loss.  But in the weeks of mourning that followed, a new vision of America emerged – a country where people from every walk of life, every social sphere, every color, creed and nationality, joined together as Americans to comfort and console each other, and to confront a new and terrible enemy.  Now compare that groundswell of national brotherhood to the climate of partisan bickering and downright hate so prevalent in our country today.  It’s time to remember not only those souls that were lost on 9/11, but also our American “soul” that stood so strong that day.

In that spirit, National Collector’s Mint is re-releasing a 20th Anniversary edition of our milestone America United Silver Eagle Commemorative.  Each commemorative begins with the quintessentially American Silver Eagle design, featuring the Walking Liberty obverse and the stirring heraldic eagle reverse, recreated as our privately minted 71 mg silver clad tribute proof.  Then, each proof is enhanced with the same high definition, full-color image of the World Trade Center, the American flag waving above it, and the words “In Memory September 11, 2001” that inspired so many Americans on that fateful day.  On the reverse, an image of the new Freedom Tower symbolizes American resilience and strength.  Show that you will “never forget.”  Order today.

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