Madonna and Child Medieval Silver Coin

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Dating back to the 16th century...
Madonna and Child Medieval Silver Coin

     This is one of the first coins in the world to feature the image of the Madonna and the Christ child!  It’s a silver denar first issued by King Ferdinand I of Hungary.  King Ferdinand and his successors were members of the Hapsburg dynasty that ruled Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire for almost 400 years.

     When this coin was struck in the 1500’s, Hungary was at war with the Ottoman Empire, effectively a clash between Christianity and the Muslim world.  It’s thought that these coins featuring the images of the baby Jesus and his mother Mary were issued as a proclamation of Christianity, as well as to send a political message. Each was hand-struck by skilled craftsmen almost 500 years ago, making each coin a unique work of art that is slightly different from all others.

     Comes with a Collector’s Guide with beautiful artwork, which provides intriguing details about the origin and design of the coin.  What a magnificent gift for a loved one or yourself for the upcoming holiday season!

Coins vary between 15 mm and 16 mm.  Average weight is 0.5 to 0.6g.

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