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Liberty's Majestic Beasts

   For centuries, Kings and Queens have used animals as symbols of their strength and power. King Henry VIII had ten statues – the King’s Beasts – made to guard the entrance to his castle, each possessing qualities that supported the throne. When Queen Elizabeth ascended to power in 1953, ten new statues – the Queen’s Beasts – were created to guard the entrance of Westminster Abbey. These beasts, both Queen’s and King’s, have even become the subject of a wildly popular coin series!

   All of which led our Mint Master to ponder … what “beasts” would Lady Liberty enlist to support and safeguard the United States? Of course, you’d have the American Bald Eagle, long a symbol of our strength, courage and freedom. Or the Wolf, a complex and highly intelligent animal devoted to family. Now, exclusively available from NCM and the Cook Islands, Liberty’s Majestic Beasts coins are being created to honor these uniquely American animals. Each has been chosen because they possess qualities symbolic of the American spirit. Plus, many have even been featured on American coinage!

   New for 2023, Liberty’s Majestic Eagle Dollar features the American Bald Eagle presented alongside Liberty as she walks towards the dawn of a new day. His powerful wings are raised ready to defend her should the need arise. On the reverse is the traditional Liberty Bell, as well as the Cook Islands imprimatur, and $1 denomination. Much larger than a U.S. Silver Dollar at 47mm in diameter, each massive non-circulating legal tender coin is clad in 90 mg of .999 Pure Silver, comes encapsulated for protection and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 47 mm

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