"Let's Go Brandon" Dollar

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“Let’s Go Brandon!” Dollar

For those of you who miss our 45th President, and aren’t exactly thrilled with the job our 46th President is doing, we introduce the “Let’s Go Brandon!” Dollar.  It begins with a U.S. Legal Tender Eisenhower Dollar, struck to honor Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th President and the leader of the Allied forces in World War II.  The obverse features a bust of General Eisenhower, while the reverse features an eagle and the moon, which America had recently visited at the time of minting!  Now, NCM has enhanced the coin’s obverse with a new spectacular full-color rendering of the popular chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” along with a delightful image of President Trump at one of his famous rallies. Feeling upset and frustrated at higher gas prices, insane food prices, and frightening inflation rates?  Go ahead, tell ‘em how you really feel – get your “Let’s Go Brandon!” Dollar today!

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