Colonial Duit coin with Tea Party Stamps

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Did these coins attend the Boston Tea Party?

     One of the defining moments in America’s history was the Boston Tea Party.  Fed up with years of English taxation with no representation in Parliament, the Sons of Liberty rose in opposition – among them Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams. They boarded ships belonging to the British East India Company and dumped 92,000 pounds of heavily taxed British tea into Boston Harbor. The seeds of a revolution had been planted.   At the time of the Tea Party, there were no American coins, so the colonists needed to make do with what was available, among them copper Duits from Holland.  Minted from 1726 through 1794, they were known as a “Penny” because of the size and copper composition.  Now you have the chance to own one of these historic Duits minted between 1726 and 1794.  Each coin is in Good condition, encapsulated for protection and comes in a deluxe folder.  We’ve also included an uncirculated stamp block issued by the USPS on July 4, 1973, to honor the 200th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  Was this Duit in the pocket or purse of a Patriot on that fateful day?  No one can know for sure, but what is certain is the historic addition this will be to your collection.

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Actual size is 21 mm

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