2023 Cook Islands $5 Indian Princess .24 Gold Coin

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2023 CI $5 Indian Princess .24 Gold Coin

   Of all the American coins ever minted to circulate, there has only been one “incuse” coin design – the gold Indian Head struck between 1908 and 1929.  Incuse coins are dramatically different because the image is struck below the surface of the coin rather than being raised above the surface.  Now, over 100 years later, history is being made again!  Inspired by those valued “incuse” gold U.S. Indians of the early 1900s, this new non-circulating Cook Islands legal tender 2023 Incuse Liberty Indian Princess $5 Coin is a modern vision of Miss Liberty inspired by the Great American West. Each coin is a 16 mm diameter, 1/10-ounce coin, reverse-proof struck from solid .24 pure Gold. Each proudly displays Miss Liberty as a Princess in full headdress with the word “Liberty” on her headband and the date 2023 on the obverse. The reverse contains a pair of bison, a fitting tribute to our national mammal, as well as “Tribute to the United States of America” along the edge. The Cook Islands imprimatur and the $5 denomination also appear on the reverse.  Every coin is protected in a clear, acrylic capsule and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Don’t wait, order now!

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