Mixed Cook Islands .24 Pure Gold $5 Coins

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Mixed Design Cook Islands .24 Pure Gold $5 Coins

Special opportunity to acquire popular back date issues at a very desirable price!

Morgan Dollars. The Statue of Liberty.  The American Eagle.  These are just some of the uniquely American designs that National Collector’s Mint and the Cook Islands have worked together to honor on exclusive non-circulating legal tender coins. Now, a recent audit of our inventory showed several different designs available in extremely limited quantities and we’re making these available on a first-come, first-served basis at a very special price.  Proof struck in one-tenth ounce of .24 pure gold, each coin is a full 16mm in diameter and comes in a protective acrylic case with Certificate of Authenticity.  Originally retailing for $99 per coin, you now have the opportunity to acquire these desirable past issues for just $79 each while they last. Opportunities to get older coin issues don’t come around every day.  Maybe you missed out the first time these coins were offered, or you’re a new customer just seeing them for the first time.  Whatever the reason, these precious coins are destined to become treasured additions to your collection that will be admired by friends and family for generations to come, so don’t delay, order now! 

(Limit: 5)

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