2021 "CC" Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof

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2021 "CC" Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof

It’s finally here – the 100th Anniversary of the last original Morgan Silver Dollar striking.  The U.S. Gov’t chose to celebrate by striking new 2021 coins, each bearing one of the original five Morgan mint marks as a special privy mark.  Collectors waited patiently for this milestone – then the unthinkable happened. Due to mintage limits as well as web site malfunctions, thousands of collectors missed out.  The release was sold out in mere minutes! But now you can own your own copy of the 2021 “CC” Morgan Silver Dollar recreated as a privately minted, non-monetary tribute proof clad in 71 mg .999 Pure Silver Tribute Proof. Marvel at every detail, including the unique “CC” privy mark.  Sure to become a centerpiece of your collection!

(Limit: 5)

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