Trump "Never Surrender" Trading Card

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in Gem, Mint-Perfect Condition!

   This collectible trading card features President Trump’s mugshot!  Donald J. Trump makes history once again by becoming the first former President of the United States to ever be criminally Indicted.

   The powers-that-be have made good on their threats to get him, by indicting him four times. On Thursday, August 24, 2023, President Trump was formally arraigned in Fulton County, Georgia and this moment in history created the first mugshot of a United States President.

   In the photo, President Trump displays a furrowed brow and a determined gaze, showing he’s ready to fight. He says he will never surrender!

   Whether or not you are a supporter of the 45th President, there’s no doubting the historic importance of this photo. That’s why National Collector’s Mint is offering this unique trading card  to commemorate this event.

   The mugshot seen round the world is front and center on one side of the card with the phrase “NEVER SURRENDER!”, while the story of the photo is given on the back, along with a reproduction of President Trump’s own signature.  Best of all, each card is graded in-house by the maker as a “perfect 10” grade – that’s gem mint condition – and sealed for protection in a numbered, tamper-proof holder.

   Demand is high so we must enforce a limit of five cards per order.  Don’t wait and risk missing out.  Order yours today!

(Limit: 5)


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