Pound of Copper Pennies

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It’s true…because the price of metals has risen, it now costs the U.S. Mint more money to produce a penny than its face value!  And that’s with our pennies being composed of copper plated zinc.  Before 1983, our pennies were struck in 95% copper—which makes these older coins even more valuable with the rise in copper prices.  We’ve purchased a boatload of pre-1983 circulated Lincoln pennies, in Good condition or better, and have assembled them into a one-pound bag!  Some of these coins are the highly coveted Wheaties, issued from 1909-1958.  You’ll have a blast sorting through this one-pound bag, looking for some key dates and mintmarks.  And all of the coins are guaranteed to be struck in 95% copper.  A terrific value – reserve your one-pound bag now!

(Limit: 5)

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