One Ounce Pure Silver Card

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10 units

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Forget about a “Gold Card” that has no gold, or a “Platinum Card” that has no platinum – now you can carry a “Silver Card” in your wallet that is actually made from one troy ounce of pure silver!  The ideal way to carry around some “hard money”, each precision crafted silver bar is about the size of a credit card.  Containing one full ounce of pure, precious silver, each is stamped with its silver weight and .999 fineness on a mirror-finish background.  Best of all, these are thin enough to be cut with scissors, should you want or need to divide your ounce into smaller pieces.  A unique way to add some silver to your holdings, and portable enough to give you the perfect answer the next time someone asks “What do you have in your wallet?”  Don’t delay, order today.

(Limit: 10)

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