MS63 Certified Morgan Silver Dollar

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Morgans are the most loved, most collected, most sought after United States coins of all time. Over the years, they’ve shown an amazing track record of gaining value and collectability. Now, National Collector’s Mint has acquired the exclusive rights to a spectacular new hoard of Morgan Silver Dollars.  Each and every one of these big, silver “cartwheels” is independently certified to be in MS63 condition.

Why is that important?  Because coins must be at least Mint State 60 to qualify as Brilliant Uncirculated, and most standard grade Brilliant Uncirculated coins are just that – Mint State, or MS60. But as the grade of the coin increases to MS61, MS62, and higher, so does the desirability. That’s why if you can find better coins for a great price – well, to put it simply –
you should grab them.

Now you can own some of this small group of Morgans in premium MS63 condition – three ticks above standard Brilliant Uncirculated – at a terrific price.  Quantities are extremely limited so please call now! (Limit 20 coins per order.)

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