GIANT 1 toz Pure Silver Eagle Ingot

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Get over 30 times the silver for less than 5 times price!

You pay less than $1.62 per 1000 mg with our Giant Pure Silver Eagle Ingot

   Announcing our new Giant Pure Silver Eagle Ingot – now available only through this offer. This hefty full troy ounce ingot boasts the same design as the ingots you just ordered, but with a difference – it weighs over 30 times more!  We’re certain you will love your original Pure Silver Eagle Ingots, but now is the time to consider adding some larger, heavier pieces to your holdings – especially when you can get priority pricing like this. You’ll still see the head of the American Bald Eagle, fierce and proud, surrounded by 13 stars on the front of the bar… still see 37th U.S. Treasurer Angela M. Buchanan’s signature on the back, confirming its .999 pure silver content... still with a magnificent proof-like finish. The difference? They’re BIG. A full 12 times larger than the original, and over 30 times heavier. But you pay only $49.95 each, shipping, handling and insurance included!  Each Giant Pure Silver Eagle Ingot comes encapsulated for protection, with a Certificate of Authenticity. Distribution will take place in registration number order. And earliest reservations will receive priority status over later ones. Due to anticipated demand, we must limit orders to no more five Giant Ingots per customer.  Get yours now!

(Limit: 5)

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