Bronze Prutah of the Holy Land

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King Herod’s Money
Bronze Prutah of the Holy Land

   King Herod I, or Herod the Great, is most well-known as the ruler of the Holy Land at the time of the birth of Christ.  Herod was a brilliant builder and politician, but also a ruthlessly brutal and power hungry king.  Upon hearing from the wise men of the East that there was to be born a rival “King of the Jews,” he ordered the slaughter of all boys under age 2 in the area of Bethlehem.  When word reached Joseph of Herod’s decree, he took Mary and Jesus to Egypt, not returning to Nazareth until Herod’s death.

   This coin, a King Herod I bronze prutah, bears witness to these vitally important events in human history.  Was it carried by Joseph as he desperately tried to find room at an inn for his family? Did the wise men use it in their travels to find the Christ child?  No one can ever know for sure.  But this genuine bronze prutah from the time of Christ’s birth is a magnificent way to honor the history and meaning of that great event that would shape the world for millennia to come. Includes informative story folder and Certificate of Authenticity.

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